False Information About Rheumatology In This COVID-19 Time

Rheumatic Pain Treatment
Rheumatic Pain Treatment Misinformation has become more prevalent in the coronavirus epidemic period, leading to distrust and confusion. For people with rheumatic pain treatment and musculoskeletal disease management, finding correct health details now has major implications on their standard of health. In this period, standard treatment and guidelines have changed quickly, besides the new knowledge regarding

Psoriatic Arthritis, RA, And Psoriasis Affect The Hands Similarly

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Rheumatology Diseases Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis have the same hand function reductions, as per the latest study. Researchers who were part of the study also discovered that psoriasis alone produces comparable hand impairment. This study featured in the ACR Open Rheumatology journal raises some questions regarding the connections between arthritis and psoriasis. The

Importance Of Early Diagnosis Of Rheumatology Arthritis

Rheumatology Arthritis
Rheumatology Arthritis Rheumatology diseases are caused due to autoimmunity, and the treatments focus mainly on reducing the inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is one such common condition, and its early detection is important as it reduces the risk of adverse long-term effects like joint damage. However, this is not always easy as many rare diseases resemble common

Heightened Possibility Of Self-Harm In Rheumatic Disease Patients

Rheumatology Symptoms
Rheumatology Diseases The self-harm rates of people who have some rheumatology diseases, especially fibromyalgia, are greater, as per the Clinical Practice Research Datalink’s information. According to the University of Keele’s James Prior and his investigator colleagues, medical professionals have to know this possibility and give the right management. The researchers say this after they discovered...