Natural Remedy Options For Hand Arthritis

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Do you feel pain in the wrists, hands and fingers? If yes, it is likely to be a symptom of arthritis. If arthritis develops in the hands, then it is possible to deal with its symptoms through at-home treatment options. Here is a list of those therapies to alleviate the symptoms of hand arthritis.

Cold Therapy

It is possible to lessen inflammation as well as make sore hands deprived of sensation with cold packs. A popular rheumatology clinic recommends using this form of therapy for around 20 minutes. It is vital to take the ice pack out when you feel numb on touching the skin.

Some individuals experience the maximum arthritic pain relief through alternating cold and hot therapy. You may experiment with those two therapies to see which one offers you the most relief from pain and other symptoms in the fingers and hands.


You may wear splints to ease the arthritis pain as well as manage activities that require using the fingers, wrists, and hands. As per a 2014 study featured in the Rheumatology journal, short-term DIP (distal interphalangeal) joint splinting at night is a safe way of reducing joint pain and improving joint mobility.

The distal interphalangeal joint connects the bones middle phalanx and distal phalanx at the fingertip. Having pain there is among the many different signs of rheumatology diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Splinting is potentially useful in improving the wrist and hand function of rheumatoid arthritis patients. As for a 2018 study featured in the Reumatologia journal, the hand function of RA-affected women could lead to dexterity and grip issues. The study authors concluded that the possible way to make hand function better is wrist stabilization.

Fish Oil

Rheumatoid arthritis possibly causes finger and hand pain, stiffness, and inflammation. When fingers and hands are swollen, joints become tender and warm. RA tends to affect the right hand and left hand as it is one of the many symmetric health conditions.

As per research about the oil, which comes in the form of a supplement for this arthritis, DHA and EPA in fish can help to alleviate inflammation.

As per a 2016 study in the peer-reviewed Global Journal of Health Science, daily users of omega-3 dietary supplements felt that using these aided them in easing RA pain. The study authors said that consuming fish oil products may lessen the requirement for painkillers.

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