The website we run mainly deals with rheumatoid arthritis. Abbreviated as RA, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which comes with inflammation, stiffness, and pain. These three issues affect mainly the joints, but they may also happen elsewhere in the body. An autoimmune condition happens mostly when our immune system attacks normal tissues in the body after it mistakenly regards these as foreign substances.

You can learn about the ways of diagnosing RA, how it is treated, its complications, and more details from this website. Unfortunately, there exists no approved cure for RA, but the health issue is treatable. Exercise is as essential as physical rest to deal with the condition. This means if you experience an RA flare, with worse symptoms, then you should limit physical activity. This move will aid you in dealing with RA-related pain, inflammation, and fatigue. Speaking of fatigue, there is an article here that focuses on ways to handle it. Do consider going through that post for more details regarding the matter.

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